The ThunderCats were formed in the Easter of 2007 , at the end of 2012 we moved to our new home Nordrassil.



  1. Biersmurf says:

    This….is looking amazing!

  2. Twitchy says:


  3. Mazzic says:

    glad you like it, not bad for 2 hours work, more to come!

  4. Rasputyn says:

    hey Ceteak
    just saw your request on WoL coz i Was a bit “busy” lately.
    Unfortunately it gives me a nasty error when i try to accept it:

    Cannot accept application

    The selected user is already in a guild – please ask him to leave the guild first via user profile -> leave guild.

    Ask Bier or Dee, they have logs clients also and are already promoted on WoL.

    Cheers aaaand
    Happy new year !!!!

  5. Rasputyn says:

    Gz on your latest kills…. Now do some more and clear HC :P so i can come back to “clean” environment. Cheers all again on za 9/14

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